Paradise Lost – One Second

pl-one-second.jpg   1997 Music for Nations

This album pissed off a whole slew of Paradise Lost fans at the time, including me. I hated it. It wasn’t “Draconian Times” and it definitely wasn’t “Shades of God.” Not that I wanted rehashes of those albums, but I really loved the power of those huge guitars mixed with Nick Holmes’ vaguely melodic death growls.

Well, here we are 10 years later and I’ve changed my tune. Perhaps after watching Paradise Lost evolve from the total grindcore of their debut puker to the heavy-yet-accessible metalgoth of “Draconian Times” to the Sisters/Depeche-influenced stylings of the 4 discs that comprise their middle years, it all makes sense to me now and I can appreciate what was in retrospect a very natural progression.

“One Second” was the CD where Paradise Lost first truly embraced their goth leanings. I was there for the debut and have been a fan since “Gothic,” and I’ve gotta admit this is really good stuff. I wouldn’t rate it a 10 simply because there are some clunkers in the mix (hey, nobody’s perfect), but a good solid 8.

Some really strong tracks are to be found, like “Say Just Words,” and damn if “Soul Courageous” isn’t just my fave Paradise Lost track forever and ever amen. This disc isn’t nearly as SisterModefied as, say, “Host” or “Symbol of Life,” but you can definitely hear the beginning of the transition.

Dive in and enjoy the music.

Rating:  4 out of 5 


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