Clutch – Blast Tyrant

   2004 DRT

And the greatest American rock band of the 21st century returns with an album that amazingly tops the incredible ‘Pure Rock Fury.’  ‘Blast Tyrant’ is widely regarded as Clutch’s best album and you’ll get no argument from me, this CD and the follow-up ‘Robot Hive – Exodus’ combining for an unstoppable one-two punch that constantly finds its way onto my media player in repeat shuffle play.

Once again, from the kick-ass opener ‘Mercury’ to the closer ‘WYSIWYG,’ Clutch just piledrives through their strongest batch of songs to date.   If I have to pick personal highlights from an album of nothing but highlights, I’d have to say my faves are stompin’ classic “The Mob Goes Wild,” “Spleen Merchant,” “Cypress Grove,” “La Curandera,” “(In the Wake of) The Swollen Goat,” and “Subtle Hustle.”

There’s not a wasted moment on here, as Clutch creates a masterpiece of groove-heavy rock steeped in the best of classic rock sensibilities and given the woofer-chomping punch of modern production.   A classic and an absolute must for any rockhead.

Rating:  5 out of 5

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