Chris Leblanc Band – Talent Show

talent-show 1998 Sweetroll Records

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana comes a unique talent that is equal parts classic Texas blues and sweet hooky pop.   It’s tempting to reference the Fab Four when trying to describe the pop hooks and melodies you’ll find in some of Leblanc’s music and you’ll find plenty of it here along with the soulful and tasteful guitar stylings of the band’s namesake.

Whereas on The Chris Leblanc Band‘s 1995 debut the songs bore more of the Austin blues influence, on “Talent Show” Leblanc’s love for sweet melodies ala the Beatles or Crowded House shares time and makes these songs memorable.

Songs like “World of Know,” “When She Says No,” and “My Surprise” wear Leblanc’s influences well, especially the latter with it’s Sergeant-Pepper-Meets- Purple-Haze intro.    This then relaxes with a little bluesy-funk during the verses which makes it easy to get lost in the groove.

“Repo Dan” is a crowd favorite and yet another strong and memorable track on this disc.  My favorite, though, has got to be “The Other Side,” with one of the most soaring and sweet vocal melodies I’ve ever heard come chorus time.   A great guitarist and kickin’ songwriter, Chris Leblanc’s music deserves more attention and you can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5


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