Cage The Elephant – Cage The Elephant

Cage-The-Elephant-Cage-The-Elephant-437079 2009 Jive – R.E.D

Man these guys just crack me up like no other band right now.   Beyond the almost hysterical humor and witicisms of this bunch of kids is track after track of relentless hooks that will have you singing along and probably saying some things you never thought you’d say.

The infectious nature and good-time vibe of the music is undeniable, and I was hooked from the first time my bud Darryl Collins played me “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” (still my favorite track).    Then my friend Ryan Shelley played me “In One Ear,” and I revisited the disc and discovered one of my very favorite releases of the year.

And they’re from Kentucky of all places.  Maybe that explains the freshness of their sound.

The aforementioned “In One Ear” opens the disc with the band’s youthful naivety on full display acting as a perfect foil to the confidence that belies their young ages.   Matt Schultz is an irrepressible nut case throughout the proceedings and his hanging upsidedown in a straightjacket in the “In One Ear” video is an honest representation of what you can expect.  There ain’t no holding back with these guys.

The slide acoustic riff of stone cold instant classic  “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” is vaguely reminiscent of Beck’s “Loser” (and I mean that as the utmost compliment), capturing both the drunken abandon and wicked hummability that makes “Loser” a classic riff.   Yes, it’s that good.   Other faves on this disc are the rave-up “James Brown,” the hooky and almost serious “Judas,” slow-burner “Back Against The Wall,” and “Back Stabbin’ Betty,” which strikes a personal chord with me right now and is quite cathartic.

Funky, rockin’, fun, memorable and laden with (ahem) words that may offend some but for me, all I can do is laugh along with them.   I mean, the whole disc sounds like a party that simply cannot be prevented from happening (not that we would want to).

As I write this, they’re primed to play live on Letterman Thursday June 30th, so they may not be long for Abysmal glory.   These guys are making quite a splash and I can’t help but think they’re primed for big things.

Rating:  5 out of 5

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2 Responses to “Cage The Elephant – Cage The Elephant”

  1. the Letterman gig would actually be on Thursday June 30th. Nice to read the kind words too. From the drummers dad

  2. moosejuice Says:

    Thank you, Mr. Bill. Drums are the foundation of any band and your son is a helluva drummer. I made the date correction in the review, too:) With what I’m going through this year, CTE has been a welcome shot in the arm for me. Cheers!

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