The Tea Party – Exotic Instrument Demonstration

This was a really classy move by a young and extremely talented band.

This video was included as a multi-media piece on The Tea Party’s Alhambra acoustic CD and is a 9 minute demonstration and explanation of the exotic instruments they used on their seminal The Edges of Twilight CD.

I remember interviewing these guys back in my radio days before their November 1995 show at The Varsity in Baton Rouge, LA and if memory serves me correctly they told me they blew most of their recording budget on these exotic instruments.  If this is true, it was money well spent.  Enjoy Abysmally…

2 Responses to “The Tea Party – Exotic Instrument Demonstration”

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to use an accordion?
    Great music, reminds me of the’60s. It is that sitar sound.
    It still fascinates me how man developed music. How so many different instruments have similar sounds from diverse cultures and are still used today with different names and few different sounds.
    Thank you for the treat of sharing this video with all of us.

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