Weekly Abysmal Video 5-3-10

I almost can’t believe I’m posting this one.   If you’re easily offended, you don’t want to watch it.  But if you like Monty Python-style irreverence, have a laugh and a jam with this gem from the late 80’s.   Zodiac Mindwarp is the alter ego of British graphic artist Mark Manning, and the whole concept was intended as a parody of the “rock n roll lifestyle” so ridiculously exploited in the 80’s heyday of hair bands.

If you got the joke, it was great…and there was some pretty cool music providing the soundtrack for the craziness.  If you didn’t get the joke (and most critics DIDN’T), it was nothing more than offensive drivel that led to a review I saw in the Baton Rouge Advocate’s “Fun” section back in 1988 that said “…it’s enough to make me swear off recorded music.”

Special thanks to Dr. Paulo for this suggestion.  Man, this is just too damn over-the-top hilarious!

And on that note, enjoy Abysmally…


2 Responses to “Weekly Abysmal Video 5-3-10”

  1. Slam Thunderhyde Says:

    Listen Here Wolfchild,
    I speak to you of the science of mythology,
    I Speak Of Maverick Deviation,
    The Psychotronic Love Commandos, M
    We Shall Be Drunk On Stars,
    We Shall Fear Nothing,
    Demand The Impossible,
    Dream Your Destiny,
    Defy The Logic Of Alphabets
    I Slayed The King Of The Wolves,
    Nothing Is Impossible!

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