The Sonic Abyss On the Road: Tanya & Dorise (5/21/10)

So my son Mackenzie had been asking about the French Quarter, the Moon Walk, Cafe’ du Monde and N.O. street musicians for months and months and on my most recent visit to Louisiana we finally got to go.   I drove him to uptown New Orleans, parked the car, and we took the St. Charles streetcar into the Quarter.

We were fortunate enough to stop by Cafe’ du Monde for beignets when these ladies, Tanya & Dorise, were playing.  It occurred to me that I could video them and add a new element to the Sonic Abyss.   There are some excellent street musicians in New Orleans, and Tanya & Dorise were a real treat.  My only regret is the street noise on this video, but they were just really avante garde and cool…a prime example of what makes the Quarter such a musical hotbed.   Just excellent stuff with a different sense of style.

Show them some love by visiting their website at and look for them in the French Quarter when your life travels bring you there.

And of course…enjoy Abysmally…


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