Weekly Abysmal Video – 8/16/10 (I’m freelin’ Swell)

I spent a lot of time this weekend with the entire Swell catalogue on shuffle play on my computer at home, so needless to say I’m freelin’ swell.  All the reason enough to bring one of my absolute all-time favorite bands back for a WAV encore, this time with the very song that made me a fan in the first place.

From the very first time I saw the video back in 1992.

It had nothing to do with the hot VJ who introduced the video.

Well, maybe a little.

But still, this is one of those songs that to this day haunts (in a most excellent way) every week of my existence.   A big Abysmal shout-out to the amazing David Freel (guitarist/singer/ songwriter/master cynic) and Sean Kirkpatrick (drummer/Dad/painter/artist extraordinare).  Thank you for the years of great music that are a part of the soundtrack to my life.

Enjoy Abysmally…in a breezy So-Cal kinda way…


3 Responses to “Weekly Abysmal Video – 8/16/10 (I’m freelin’ Swell)”

  1. thank you! love it. Nice to know people still care.

  2. One of the most criminally under appreciated bands. Ever. Well, not to those who care …

    • moosejuice Says:

      Totally agree, as you could probably see from my hero-worship reviews of their music. Always happy to hear from another Swell fan! Cheers

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