Weekly Abysmal Video – 10/24/10

This week’s WAV comes from a band born out of the breakup of 80’s pop band Berlin.  Yes…THAT Berlin.  And you’d never guess that in a million years from the sounds you’ll hear on this video.  I remember working in a record store (RIP Paradise Records in Baton Rouge) when this was released and Elektra Records being very secretive as to the origin of the band and its members, presumably because the tie to Berlin would have ruined any credibility with rockers.

Well, nobody bought it anyway.   ‘Cept me, of course, and a few other risk-taking new-music-seekers who own a copy of this gem of an album.   A real shame, as it holds up quite well 20+ years after the fact.  Simply called The Big F, two of the three members come from the aforementioned Berlin, and the sound is anything but what you would expect. The fact that this released at the height of hair bands, it’s anti-commerciality earns an extra thumbs up.

Oh, what the hell…here’s a double dose, including my personal fave “Alpert Tango.”

Some will hate it, some will love it…and I hope you all enjoy it Abysmally…


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