Hot Head Show – Blowing My Mind…AGAIN!

So HHS guitarist/cunning linguist Jordan Copeland emails me last week with a link to their new track “Bummer,” a song that constitutes one of the most well spent two minute spans in my entire musical life.  We won’t go into detail as to just how long said musical life is.

Anyway, I have listened to it at least a hundred times in the past week and continue to start my mornings with it on the headphones.   Musicianship and songwriting are once again stellar, but the single best thing about Hot Head Show is that they’ve melded myriad influences into a personality that is entirely their own and “Bummer” is proof positive of this.

Hot Head Show‘s debut full-length (aptly titled “The Lemon LP“) is due for release this spring, and if “Bummer” is any indication the boys will be comfortably off their respective rockers once again.

There’s simply no one else like them, and “Bummer” continues their budding tradition of melding hooks, melody and humour in just the right balance.  I could wax pseudo-philosophic about these guys for hours and probably ruin the experience for you all. lol

Hell, just click here to listen and show Jordan, Vaughn and Beatamax some loooooove…

P.S.  The neo-barbershop backup vocals starting at the 1:05 mark just RULE!

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