Scott Ian Tweeted About The Sonic Abyss!

Scott Ian Tweeted about The Sonic Abyss today.

SCOTT IAN Tweeted about this here music blog!

I’ve been a fan of his since “Fistful of Metal” back in 1983 and he’s absolutely one of the funniest and most honest and intelligent rockers in interviews.  Man, this is just too cool.

Scott, thank you for the years of great music and for yet another great ROCK album.  You rule, man.

4 Responses to “Scott Ian Tweeted About The Sonic Abyss!”

  1. that’s cool. what did her say?

    • moosejuice Says:

      Not sure of the specifics, but I got a notification that he did and I had a record number of hits that day. Don’t know him, never met him, I’m a longtime fan, I think he’s just too cool for words and if he ever sees this I hope he knows how much I appreciate it. It was a very, very pleasant surprise!

  2. Looking forward to the new Anthrax album.

    • moosejuice Says:

      You and me both! I’m a longtime Armored Saint fan and I love John Bush’s voice, but it will be so cool to hear Joey singing with the band again

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