Thank You Hot Head Show

Special thanks to Jordan Copeland and the Hot Head Show bunch (that would be Vaughn Stokes and Beatamax) for the totally cool signed vinyl copies of the Bummer/Hotel Room single.  And for the note signed “Abysmally Yours.”  I’ll get Shorny B and King Mike their copy ASAP.  The perfect antidote for the illness that is modern radio.

Way too cool.

And the music’s like nothing you’ve ever heard, in case you have missed my previous posts.    Sample a bunch of their music and download The Most Truly Abysmal release of 2010, The Lemon EP, by clicking on this lengthy sentence. By the way, the EP download is free, courtesy of the HHS dudes themselves.  You can read my review of The Lemon EP here by clicking on this abbreviated sentence.

Enjoy Abysmally…

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