Abysmal Radio (5-11-11)

web development web design lancaster pennsylvaniaWelcome to this week’s Abysmal Radio, brought to you by friends at MIND Development and Design.   And that big, cool voice you hear dropping liners would be my good friend David “@wood” Atwood.
Enjoy the music and when you hear something you like, just click on the link next to the song to buy through Amazon.com.  Click on the band name to visit the band website.

I hope you discover your new favorite song…and a nice Mexican meal with Gene and Dean Ween:)



This week’s jam (in order of appearance):

Tribe After Tribe – Hold On     Click here to buy

Curve – Fait Accompli     Click here to buy

Zebra – Take Your Fingers From My Hair     Click here to buy

The Tea Party – Fire In The Head     Click here to buy

Bauhaus – Slice of Life     Click here to buy

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy     Click here to buy 

Lindsay Rae Spurlock – You Have My Heart     Click here to buy

Barkmarket – Pencil     Click here to buy

Ween – Pollo Asado     Click here to buy

Mystery Artist – Mystery Song,  brought to you by Dr. ChadRock. (If you want to discover the “mystery” along with us, don’t click on the Mystery Artist/Song links until you listen to the show)     Click here to buy

Swell – At Long Last     Click here to buy, and while you’re at it check out drummer Sean Kirkpatrick’s cool paintings and art.

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