Visit The New Sonic Abyss Website

Hey friends!  Thank you so much for visiting The Sonic Abyss and for your support over the past couple of years.

Work has begun to get Abysmal Radio syndicated in an expanded format for radio to bring Abysmal music to the masses.  As part of this process, we’ve created a new website (which looks a lot like this blogsite) to offer more to you as The Sonic Abyss grows.

This blogsite will remain, but all new updates will be done on the new Sonic Abyss: The Best Music You’ve Never Heard website at  Please stop by the new site (bookmarking is welcome) and drop us a comment sometime.

Thank you again and look for some exciting new stuff coming up in The Sonic Abyss!




One Response to “Visit The New Sonic Abyss Website”

  1. Hiya Moose mate – Im liking the site!!! Great idea!! I have posted a link to your site on my rock site – check out link and comment

    Im building up my own site so any links would be great – musings of a rocker over here in Manchester England!!!

    Rock On


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