Abysmal Designations

The following people have been awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Abysmology for their influence and input in the Sonic Abyss as well as all around knowledge of the strange, the esoteric and the tuneful:


Dr. Chad “ChadRock” McComsey, D.A.: Creator of the coolest design I’ve ever seen – the Endure Phoenix (see main page of the Abyss on the side bar), introduced me to Mastadon, Suburban Sound, and The Sword.  And he can kick my ass in 5 different languages.  Word.


Dr. Paul “Paulo” Ledoux, D.A.: Creator of the coolest bandname ever…World Famous Nobodies, fan of Gruntruck and Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction, hardcore follower of LA Guns, introduced me to Tricky Woo, and paid one dollar to see Cry of Love at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge in 1995 (GREAT show, too!).


Dr. Greg “Greggo” Liebrand, D.A.: Able to recite from memory the words to songs by bands like The Dead Milkmen…and he has been to a Gruntruck concert.


Dr. Peter “Petohhh” Gutierrez, D.A.: Great ear for underground sounds, owns Trouble’s “The Skull” CD, will never let me live down “Deaf Panther” (see review of Def Leppard’s “High n Dry”), and was a founding member of the greatest underground band of alltime…Cornucopia.


Dr. Darren “Darro” Cochran, D.A.: One of the first people in my life to introduce me to music outside the likes of KISS and Aerosmith (both of whom I love),  alltime favorite band is The Pixies, digs Bob Mould’s band Sugar.


Dr. Jared “Champion” Champion, D.A: Already one of my all-time favorite drummers for a band that hit me like a dump truck loaded with active cattle prods in 2009 (that would be Cage the Elephant), he has spread the word of the Sonic Abyss and for that I’m eternally grateful. Rock on, brother.


Dr. Mike “Miko” Tobin, D.A.: Guitarist for Stick, responsible for some really cool memorable riffs (i.e. “Disposable”, “Fuel,” et al), took the time to visit the Abyss and drop me a line and for that I’m also eternally grateful.  Rock on, brother!


Dr. Darryl “The DMC” Collins, D.A.: Introduced me to Cage the Elephant months and months ago, always seems to introduce me to bands I’ve never heard of…including some dude who plays violin and whistles.  (Couldn’t take the name “Darro” because it was already taken.)

6 Responses to “Abysmal Designations”

  1. I am gonna frame that one!

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