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Weekly Abysmal Video 12/14/09

Posted in Bulletboys, WAV's (Weekly Abysmal Video) on December 14, 2009 by moosejuice

Here’s one that brings back some memories for me.  I remember Bulletboys performing this song on the short-lived ABC In Concert show back in 1991, and they really pulled it off well…harmonies and all.

The video actually avoids most of the late 80’s/early 90’s video trappings, ‘cept for that glorious backlighting which somehow works here.  And ya gotta love the stand up bass…so ridiculously out of place but showing the goofy and fun personality of the band .

I was working at my first part-time radio job when this came out and I always thought this should have been a bigger hit for Bulletboys.  It’s their re-tooling of an old Tom Waits song, Hang on St. Christopher, and it stands to this day as my favorite cover version ever.

Enjoy Abysmally.


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